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Circuit Faker Scapes From Isolation Through “Ocular Therapy”

Under the guise of Circuit Faker, Taylor Nelson, a Minneapolis-based virtuoso, unveils “Ocular Therapy,” a vibrant song that represents an ode to solitude and desire. This infectious track serves as the opening for Circuit Faker’s forthcoming debut album, CIRCUMVOLVE.  

Circuit Faker, a seasoned music producer with a vast electronic palette, crafts a soundscape in “Ocular Therapy” that’s both immersive and euphoric. Drawing on elements of electronica, house, and alternative dance, the track pulsates with a raw bass foundation, elevating a cascade of shimmering synths and vigorous, vivid beats. The song’s ascendant vocals mirror Nelson’s personal battles, resonating with the lyrics’ sense of frustration and longing: “I focus on the patterns / Come pull me out from the wake / And be my ocular therapy”

The desire to escape and obtain liberation and the frustration of isolation are intensified by the accompanying music video, directed by Justin Shen. The video incorporates a series of quick-paced, stuttering visuals featuring repeated video segments and glitchy photo loops showcasing various iconic locations throughout the city of Chicago. These rapid-fire visuals encapsulate the frenetic energy of the song, capturing the feeling of being trapped and confined in familiar surroundings.

The song was inspired by Nelson’s own experience. After taking a sabbatical from music to focus on travel photography, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic forced him back indoors. With lockdown becoming a reality, Nelson, who was used to capturing the world through his lens, found himself longing for the freedom to hit the open road once again. 

This sensation of claustrophobia is powered through the lyrics of the song. Lines like “There’s no one but me / I focus on the patterns / Could you come out and save me?” perfectly encapsulate this restless longing. The writer desperately seeks a way to break free from the monotony and isolation, a desperate look for a different perspective – a form of “ocular therapy.” 

However, “Ocular Therapy” has a broader impact than just a personal experience. The song’s themes echo with a generation who, during the pandemic, found themselves isolated and thirsty for human connection. But the song does not get stuck in pointless yearning but offers a glimmer of hope. The song closes, “Here we are, on planet Earth / Look around, feel your heart? / Each of us, bound to breathe.” Perhaps the “ocular therapy” we all need is to simply recognize the shared humanity that binds us, a connection that transcends the physical limitations imposed upon us. 

With CIRCUMVOLVE approaching, Circuit Faker promises a debut album that blends infectious electronic soundscapes with raw emotions born from a world looking forward to breaking free.  “Ocular Therapy” transcends the regular catchy song; it’s a powerful anthem for a generation confronting isolation and the ever-present desire for connection.