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Clarence James shares innovative “Flake”

Texas based indie artist Clarence James has shared their new single “Flake”. The song is the latest addition to his ever growing and evolving catalog of impressive releases.

“Flake” is a song that details many of the coping behaviors that people do to get through every day life. Unfortunately, many times these behaviors are destructive and with the new single Clarence explores his own problems with isolating and deep introversion. Connection is important and not shutting out those we love, especially in difficult and turbulent times. This important theme is a highlight in Clarence James’ new song. The song is an eclectic mesh of electronica, indie pop, Jazz, hip hop and rock. With an artful production style and moody melodies, “Flake” is a multi-genre striking release.

Clarence James began sharing music in 2018 and since then has already built a fan base all around the world. With over 20 million streams and critical acclaim, the artist is continuing to rise.