[PREMIERE] Cody Crump: Controversy (Prince Cover)

Prince, as we all know, is a legend. His song “Controversy” speaks of matters that are still issues today, and in his honor, Cody Crump has taken a hazy electronic approach to the song. While keeping the undeniable head-bopping groove, we get to hear the thought-provoking lyrics re-introduced by a voice that speaks completely free in a generation that fights day in and day out for it.

During a time that is, arguably, one of the most pivotal, it’s important when music speaks with an intent. What Cody Crump has done is taken his praise for Prince and his message, and added his own voice to the masses that preach for love and equality. While he hopes that his cover does justice to the original, we believe that either way the purpose shines through.

Cody Crump will be performing next month at KCRW’s Desert Nights at The Standard in West Hollywood, CA and an EP set to release in January 2017.

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