Colouring: About You

I fell in love with the new Colouring (formerly Osca) single, “About You”, that describes the hard addiction that love can burden us with. On one hand, the addiction can ruin us… on the other, it can give pleasure… That is exactly what “About You” gives: an outlet to express the dark addiction paralleled with guilty pleasure.

The chords that climb up and down take us on an emotional rollercoaster while the claps in the pre-chorus build the anticipation to the pleasurable and euphoric future-bass beat in between light and ghostly “oo”’s. And as the track furthers, the rich and bouncy synths join the unpredictability of the track that mirrors the emotions at play.

There’s plenty to love about the song: the flawless blend of pop lyrics and melody with electronic motifs and structures, the production, the sound design, the captivating hooks… but the thing that makes me love this song is the validation of the emotions that play out in an addiction. With a dark cloud over the word “addiction”, we tend to forget the pleasure in the relief, and “About You” is here to remind you, as a friend, that you are allowed to feel how you feel.

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