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Cooper Phillip and Durand Bernarr team up for “The Answers”

Soulful pop goddess Cooper Phillip has returned with a new single featuring R&B prodigy Durand Bernarr. Called “The Answers”, the enticing track also is released with a cinematic music video.

“The Answers” tells the important narrative of looking within ourselves for guidance especially when hope is lost. Our own intuition knows best and Cooper Phillip writes a song detailing just that. The track also touches upon the theme of how outside influences are not always good for us and to really be happy we must do what is true to ourselves. In “The Answers”, Phillip’s seductive vocals have listeners hanging with every note, while Bernarr also adds his captivating honeyed tone to the track. The music features elements of pop, R&B and even electronic for a thrilling musical journey.

Cooper Phillip is known as one of the top vocalists in Los Angeles. The artist has further attracted attention for her deeply personal and relatable songwriting garnering a fanbase all around the world. With “The Answers”, she once again captures our heart.