COTIS – “Simulation” (Single + Music Video) – FIRE ROUND: Four Reasons Why

Our favorite Canadian pop-rap crooner, COTIS, double drops hypnotic single and video for “Simulation.” Both alluring and cryptically foreboding, COTIS muses on living life on the wild side, over an undulating beat and Martin Wave’s nearly trip-inducing production.

Buckle up for this trip boys & girls, as we share four reasons why we’re feeling “Simulation.”

1. The collection of tantalizing sonics and effects utilized in the musical foundation of the track. Though it can be hard to describe in words, one listen through is sure to transport you into a simulated dimension.

2. The intriguing disparity between Cotis’ low and upper register, at times almost feeling as if he’s two different vocalists.

3. That sweet sweet moment at 1:41, “That’s when we get groovy / Enemies watch my movement / When my demons start calling / I tell them to keep moving / Keep moving.” When Cotis’ flow synchs up with Wave’s production and is doubled with a faint upper harmony, changing the movement of the track and reorienting the listener. Just to switch it up again with the following syncopated section, during which he relents “Are we in love? / Or is this a dream? / That’s what I want / Want everything.” The musical juxtaposition is magnificently ear-bending.

4. Last but not least, the music video. Directed by Zia Kalyan, the video plays with distortion and colored lighting, making this sonic treat equally as pleasing to the eye.

Word on the street is that COTIS is gearing up to release a new full length project come 2020 but in the mean time feel free to lose yourself in the “Simulation.”

Jessica Thomas