Dakota Ryley – Good For You

New York-bred, Nashville based songwriter Dakota Ryley continues to express herself and establish her presence as an artist with sunny new single, “Good For You”. Dakota Ryley hit the ground running in 2020 with five independent singles unveiling her sultry soul-pop vocals and drew in 150K organic worldwide streams.

This flirty, upbeat single introduces a soulful and youthful atmosphere reminiscent of the early feelings and butterflies of a new romantic encounter. “Good For You” is about pursuing someone who is definitely reciprocating feelings, but is closed off due to pain from the past.

Dakota’s down-to-earth honesty and New York roots shine through in her sharp lyricism enveloped in her silky smooth vocals. “Good For You” acknowledges the hesitation that comes with such strong emotions and the trust that must be created to make it comfortable to leap.

Dakota Ryley is a true talent, not to be overlooked. She blends Motown and soul motifs with old and new pop sounds to create a vibrant blend that is fresh, unique, and authentic. As she firms her presence in 2021, I’m so excited to hear what this artist has next for us.

Chandler Juliet