Dani Felt & LOCS- Unapologetic (Music Video)

Brilliantly harnessing an all too relatable sentiment, emerging dark-pop artist Dani Felt is not sorry about her upcoming hit “Unapologetic”. A fearless response to social expectations, Dani captures the frustrations that come with having to present ourselves in a way that makes other people comfortable. What Dani so elegantly hones in on is something many people, both men and women, suffer from when feeling like there is little room for imperfections when it comes to being “socially acceptable”. Produced by Dave Dones, the track offers a sonically dynamic backdrop to Dani’s larger than life vocal performance as she embraces her authentic self rather than drowning in self-critique. 

But the song has dual-meaning. While “Unapologetic” is about letting yourself get messy and embracing the chaos, it’s also an anthem for the nice people out there who are sick of being taken advantage of. It’s about prioritizing self-respect and standing your ground in the face of adversity. Teaming up with Hip Hop artist LOCS, Dani isn’t afraid to express all of her dimensions rather than the ones that people are simply ‘supposed to see’. 

Check out the Unapologetic music video HERE:

Hailing from Nashville’s growing indie pop scene, Dani’s unique approach to the dark-pop world has received high praises from Medium Magazine,, Girl Boss and many more. Having had one of her previous singles synched to the documentary “Influencer Film”, Dani is steadily making her mark on the industry as the next emerging pop artist to watch both in Nashville and beyond. Her new music video is sure to turn heads as lovers of authentic storytelling will be sucked into Dani’s fearless, honest, and exciting journey both personally and musically.

Chandler Juliet