Photography by Alexandra Mishaan

D’Arcy Surprises Yet Again With New Dimensions In “baby I love you <3”

We didn’t miss out on D’Arcy‘s debut album “The Art of Flying”, which came out just last year, and I certainly hope y’all didn’t miss it either because it was seriously among the very top, to the point one is left wondering, “Did that really just happen? Did I hear all that?.”

But even if we’re still reeling -positively- from the aftershock of such a killer debut, it’s important to stay on our feet and receive yet another beautiful, enthralling song by this amazing rising icon. This time, D’Arcy moves a bit away from the haunting electro sounds and more into something a bit sweeter and more danceable, something entirely in the realm of EDM. 

If you listen to “The Art Of Flying” back to back, and then jump to “baby I love you <3” you might very well get a bit of mood whiplash. Where the album was spectral, haunting, and full of the stark beauty of a cloudy sky, “baby I love you <3” is instead full of warmth and genuine innocence.

“In the Summer / Fall of last year, I toured with She Wants Revenge, playing 40 shows across the US. My setup on stage was a synthesizer, electric guitar, drum machine, and vocal effect box. It was a challenge to bring my songs to the live stage on my own, as most of the music I had recorded with other musicians. But when I saw the audience’s reaction to what I was doing live, I realized that this was more satisfying than anything I had done before. I love making electronic music and having the autonomy to play it all on my own.”

The track crescendoes ever so slightly until its climax, providing a sense of progression and increasingly exciting expectations without going overboard, as it is reasonably upbeat from the start but in a rather understated and even muted way, not overly optimistic or saccharine, and familiar enough to those who already love the pensive and moody sounds that D’Arcy is known for. 

“For “baby I love you <3,” I asked my girlfriend to say something into my phone. She said, “Baby, I love you.” Without thinking too much, I imported this sound file into my computer and within a few hours I had the song that you hear now. I had been struggling previously to figure out how to include my love of techno/house and DJing into my music that was otherwise relatively acoustic.”

Photography by Alexandra Mishaan

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