[PREMIERE] DAVIS – Get Mine (Music Video)

DAVIS gets his way in ‘Get Mine’

Putting his ‘Crooked Finger’ away, DAVIS tells us his life story in this coy and catchy crowd-pleaser.  ‘Crooked Finger’ has notched up over 100k listens on Spotify, and sat at #1 on Kat Corbett’s locals only KROQ show for 6 weeks (a position that ‘Hello’, which is not an Adele cover, also managed).

Talking of Brits, there’s a tinge of the Jake Bugg about him, but you’re more likely to find him roaming the boulevards of North Hollywood, than the back alleys of Nottingham.

The flash cards in the rough-around-the-edges video for his new track, remind me of that Hillary SNL sketch, but DAVIS has not had to do much campaigning to get the big hitters on his side (he’s landed synchs with EPSN & Guitar Hero, to name a couple).

I invite you to get your finger, crooked or otherwise, and press buy on iTunes store.

Conor Fitzpatrick
Electropop artist from Northern Ireland, based in Berlin.
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