[DEBUT] Grayson – Head to Head (EP)

At this critical date and time, Grayson is a rising icon that we all crave for – a non-binary singer/songwriter who had finally learned to embrace self-love and self-care. They realized the importance of self-love through the process of creating their debut EP – ‘Head to Head’. As a matter of fact, the EP has been receiving many positive feedbacks from critics and music fans.

According to Grayson:

Head to Head deals primarily with boundaries and relationships, boundaries with other people but mostly with myself. I believe that realization came with the finished project – that the subject matter was much more internal than it was external. This EP tackles the strange craving to succeed over someone who may have wronged you in the past so that you can prove your own value in the universe. Why does someone have to be on top? Isn’t there room for everyone? I’m learning we all serve a purpose in a bigger picture. This record is me being my own champion and really believing in myself. It is the complex line of understanding toxic behaviors and patterns and taking the initiative after that realization to cultivate something healthy, stronger, better and how you show up for yourself instead of seeking approval of others to validate your existence. ‘Head To Head’ is me sharing my growing pains and the process of really learning to love myself.”

Among a spread of treats on the ‘Head to Head’ EP, ‘Cherry Pits’ seems to resonate with the audience on so many levels, including myself. With the retro, dreamy vibe and a captivating voice, Grayson expresses the need of taking ownership of themselves. To stop seeking validation from others and the negative self-talk. They admit the confrontation has never been easy as it is not a strong suit of theirs.

For that, Grayson deserves a standing ovation from us for finally has found the courage to stand up for themselves!

‘Where’d You Go’ is another track that I’m always looking forward to. With upbeat melodies and their sultry voice, the lyrics describe the process of looking for a closure. Meanwhile, doubting if they have the courage to get back up on their own. “Where’d You Go, I’ve been saying it a lot, to lessen the blow”. That hits us hard.

Vivienne Do