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deegie Lets Us In on the Twists and Turns of her Summer Fling with “Scraps (Cleland)”

deegie is a Los Angeles based artist serving up a searing stroke of revenge on her latest single “Scraps (Cleland)”. From the late nights spent waiting on a text that never came, to the drunken phone calls, deegie takes a walk down memory lane as she recounts her rocky summer relationship. 

“Scraps (Cleland)” will enthrall you in a web of punchy, electric riffs, vocals that reverberate with charisma, and stark percussion that kicks this track into overdrive. Written about feeling like second best in her situationship, deegie questions why she let casual sex have such a hold over her. She sings, “I keep searching for your feelings / Then you would say that I’m too needy / While you toss crumbs in my direction.” “Scraps (Cleland)” captures the euphoric highs and painstaking lows associated with hookup culture over supercharged sonics that reflect deegie’s frustration. 

“Scraps (Cleland)” is the first single off deegie’s upcoming EP EXES. Inspired by vocalists among the likes of Avril Lavigne and Olivia Rodrigo, deegie finds her footing in the pop-punk scene with her own original charm. “Scraps (Cleland)” is her latest release.