Delacey – “No One’s Gonna Ever Love U” – FIRE ROUND: Four Reasons Why

When she’s not penning songs for the likes of Halsey, Zara Larsson and The Chainsmokers, hit singer-songwriter Delacey has been busy spinning up a slew of her own releases. One such doozy released today, bluntly titled “No One’s Gonna Ever Love U,” Delacey shares with the world and her ex, exactly how she feels about him, in her trademark, sultry elegance.

An epic “clap back” / “boy bye” / “thank u, next moment,” you can bet we are feeling this one and here are four reasons why…

1. The brutal honesty of the lyrics. With cutting lines such as “I hope you spend your rent on cocaine / So you lose your new place / And drugs kill every single cell in your brain” and “I know you have to think of me naked / To get through it lately / So it feels amazing, oh baby,” Delacey is proving the old colloquialism “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” and we dig it.

2. The minimalism of Ido Zmishlany’s production, focusing on natural instrumentation and a heavy, driving beat. Special attention was spent on fleshing out her vocals with subtle manipulation, resulting in a raw and authentic sound.

3. Delacey’s pristine yet casual vocals, exhibiting bluesy undertones with sparkles of pop, her voice feels so familiar but difficult to place— an addictive, ear bending anomaly.

4. The hint of gospel present in the chorus. Only a hint, for sure, but the backing harmonies and steady, throbbing beat gives the track an overarching soulful, almost anthemic feel, as Delacey ironically sings the last words you’d ever sing in church, “No one’s gonna ever love you / No one’s gonna ever care / Who is gonna ever touch you? I hope that you die somewhere.”

“No One’s Gonna Ever Love U” marks the sixth of Delacey’s released tracks & her final hoorah of 2019. With 2020 only a few weeks away, we predict Delacey’s inevitable conquering of the new decade.

Jessica Thomas