Deqn Sue – Creep

Deqn Sue is an alternative pop artist from Alabama. She has a very sharp lyrical edge, always including a message and humor. ‘Creep’ focuses around having a crush on someone, the butterflies, sweaty palms, daydreaming on cloud 9. Deqn’s sound is undeniable. It’s the perfect blend of Funk, R&B, and Pop. We are big fans at WFNM!

Deqn Sue had the following to say about Creep:

Having a crush on someone. I love the phase where you haven’t said anything about it and you don’t even know if they like you back but you kinda think they do and you get all the feels. The butterflies, sweaty palms, in a daze, daydreaming, cloud 9 flow thinking about possibilities. The song came from that “space”. Having a crush on somebody and being “creepy cute” with it. Wanting to watch them, their mannerisms, their quirks… From a distance but up close too.

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