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Devon Baldwin’s fiercely candid “Forgot To Miss You”

Powerhouse vocalist and songwriter Devon Baldwin creates intoxicating and radiating pop electronic tracks that ooze authenticity. Her latest single is entitled “Forgot To Miss You” and is off of a forthcoming body of work written during the pandemic. 

“Forgot To Miss You” details the time when someone is finally getting over their ex and their ex is not the center of their thoughts. With a winning hook and Baldwin’s soulful vocals that strike with charisma and confidence, the single is an infectious anthem of letting go and moving on. 

Devon Baldwin grew up in the Bay Area of California and relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of music. The artist survived many mishaps along the way, including a collapsed lung which kept her from being able to sing and perform for months. Finding her voice in writing, the artist has also been a highly sought after collaborator working with the likes of G-Eazy, blackbear and Nurko among others.