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‘Dig’ into RedrumSociety’s Latest Release

RedrumSociety, an indie rock band with a clever nod to Stephen King’s famous novel “The Shining,” has been making waves in the music scene for over a decade. The band was formed in 2008 by Dylan Lerner, Esdras Raymond, Esperanzo Wilcox akka Espo, and Zach Cohen. With their unique name and energetic sound, this quartet is more than prepared to rock your world with their latest release.

While coming from wildly different backgrounds their passion for music bound them together. As they crafted new songs and practiced together, they earned a reputation for hosting their friends and girlfriends. However, in 2009 grief struck the band when bassist Dylan went missing and later was found dead. Instead of replacing him, Zach took over his role, doing both bass and guitar work. Then Zach decided if they were going to make it big, moving to LA was the best course of action but due to family and legal reasons Espo and Esdras were unable to move with him. Zach kept pushing forward and continued with the help of hired musicians but his substance abuse finally caught up to him. His mental health started deteriorating and he put himself in danger thanks to this. He moved back to Florida and RedrumSociety was no more. Nevertheless, this is not how the story ends. Three years later thanks to the help of a very close old mentor Zach decided to relaunch the band, to honor his friends Dylan, Espo, and Esdras by keeping the spirit and attitude of the OG RedrumSociety alive. Today the band consists of Andrew Platt on keyboards and vocals, Sean Chesal on drums and vocals, Ruddy Simon on bass, and of course, Zach retaking his role as frontman, guitar, and main vocalist. Everything was set for their resurgence.

Right now the band is doing their best to stick together and release new music despite being in different places, geographically speaking. Their new single “Dig” is proof of that. To reset his mind, Zach wrote “Dig” while on a two-week solo trip. While on the trip, he spent time writing lyrics every day. 

While I was thinking to myself how I feel like I have nothing left in me to dig up, I saw two kids in the sand digging a hole and yelling at each other playfully to keep digging. The whole thing kind of clicked for me right there.” Zach explains. 

Andrew followed him shortly after, moving outside of Florida with him. They were in a tough position but Zach had no intention of quitting. A new goal was found while he was writing the song, to keep moving the band forward. While their previous single leaned more into punk territory, this one has a more playful tone. The extremely catchy chorus is paired well with Zach’s voice. Lyrics are simple but effective, taking us along with the rhythm. “Dig” offers something unique and refreshing, showcasing RedrumSociety’s fearlessness in exploring new sounds. The result is truly impressive and showcases the band’s musical talent.

Despite being in different parts of the world, RedrumSociety has persevered and continued to create music together. Zach’s hard work and determination have been instrumental in keeping the band together. Despite being faced with challenges such as moving out of state, he remained determined to keep the band moving forward. Zach’s hard work serves as an inspiration for their fans, proving that anything is possible with dedication and perseverance. As we eagerly await their next release, it’s clear that RedrumSociety is showing no signs of slowing down and will continue to impress us with their musical talent.