Dive Deep Into Richard Orofino’s New EP Forging a Hardened Outer Shell

Richard Orofino, a talented alt-rock/pop artist, has recently released his highly anticipated EP titled Forging A Hardened Outer Shell. This musical masterpiece showcases Orfino’s evolution as an artist and his ability to captivate listeners with his organic and heartfelt sound.

Over the years, the music scene has undergone significant changes, embracing new sounds and styles. Richard’s EP reflects this evolution, seamlessly blending elements of pop, electronic, and alternative genres. The tracks on Forging A Hardened Outer Shell display a refreshing take on alt-rock/pop music, with catchy melodies and innovative production techniques. His ability to adapt and experiment with his sound is a testament to his growth as an artist. 

“I Hope So” is the opening and focus track on his EP, truly encapsulating his artistry. Richard explains “came about with my friend Christian Taylor. It’s supposed to feel like shrinking and squishing and squeezing while also being glittery and sparkly. Like wanting to wear another person’s face like in the movie Face/off. We tracked the vocals at half speed and then brought them back up to the original b.p.m. so I sound really weird, little, and excited on the recording. It reminds me a lot of Face/off (1987) starring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage in that we all have both an agent and a criminal inside of us.” His heartfelt vocals, accompanied by intricate instrumentals, create an organic and intimate atmosphere. The track’s emotional depth and relatable themes make it a standout piece on the EP. 

“Bending” is what follows next. Richard’s sound kind of reminds me a little bit of Nirvana, it gives the same troubled soul vibe. The eerie rhythm gives me goosebumps. Its haunting lyrics seem to reach your core and convey a sense of longing. Overall, the song has a bittersweet yet captivating feel that leaves you wanting more. Next is “Heart Splat”, in this track Richard’s sound is a more light take of alt-rock/grunge from the 90s. It has very raw and powerful energy, with a driving beat and a mesmerizing guitar riff. The vocals are passionate and emotive, conveying a sense of pain and longing. “Superstar” opens with unbelievable guitars. Remember that episode of The Simpsons where Homer becomes a circus freak and joins a bunch of bands at Hullabalooza. One of those bands was the Smashing Pumpkins, a bunch of teenagers enthralled by their sound. I could easily see this song doing the same. Sorry for the long tangent, moving on. “Dragonslayer” keeps the daunting mood alive and well. The track is a powerful one, with an alternative rock sound and plenty of spirit. The guitars are distorted and the drums are pounding. Good stuff. Closing in is “Johnnycakes”. Oddly enough this one feels a tad more uplifting. It’s a solid track, with a heavy bass line, a catchy chorus, and a very surreal sound overall. It’s an excellent way to end the album.

Collaboration has become a prominent feature in the music industry, and Forging A Hardened Outer Shell is no exception. Richard has teamed up with talented producers, songwriters, and musicians to bring his vision to life. The collaborative efforts behind this EP have resulted in a rich and dynamic sound, blending different artistic perspectives and styles. The synergy between Richard and his collaborators is evident throughout the EP, enhancing the overall listening experience. “I really had just been going through so many phases in my life while writing and creating the music on this thing. Probably the most chaotic, heavenly, drastic changes in a short period of time I’d ever experienced in my life went down. It felt like I was switching my face with my criminal self’s face like the movie Face/Off with John Travolta and Nicolas Cage. I got to work with friends on some of it which always makes it special and feel like something I never would’ve been able to do on my own.” Richard explains.

Forging A Hardened Outer Shell is a testament to Richard’s musical growth and ability to create captivating music. From the evolution of the pop music landscape to the organic beauty of the featured track “I Hope So,” he has crafted a collection of songs that resonate with music lovers. Through collaboration and exploring love and beauty, Richard’s EP solidifies his place in the music industry and leaves a lasting impression. This one is a must-have.


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