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Donna Lewis’ artistic brilliance is unparalleled in multifarious single “The Messenger” 

Donna Lewis is a Welsh born New York based songwriter who is admired across the globe for her 1996 song “I Love You, Always Forever” 

Still celebrated as one of the greatest love songs of all time, beyond this iconic hit Lewis is widely known for her unforgettable narratives, masterful songwriting, and her tasteful approach to creating forward thinking music. Standing testament to her versatility as an artist, Lewis’ music is often characterized by irresistible electro playgrounds, thought-provoking lyricism, and a diverse range of music collaborators who add contrast, fluid stylings, and novel perspectives.

In her latest release,”The Messenger”, Donna Lewis kicks off her upcoming full-length project Rooms With A View with a song that reminds us that our lives can change at any given moment.  The song is a 

soul-stirring composition that delves deep into the unexpected onset of sudden misfortune and illness, artistically capturing the raw vulnerability of an unyielding whirlwind of complex, uncharted emotions. Finding herself living in the unimaginable, Donna navigates through what seems like an eerie dream, stuck in a lonely and dark unfamiliar place while at the mercy of fate. 

 “The Messenger” instantly envelops the listener in its profound depth and undisguised emotion. Donna Lewis’ heart-wrenching, ethereal vocals carry the weight of the message, while Holmes Ives creates an elaborate kaleidoscope of distinctive soundscapes that twist and turn, weaving seamlessly to portray the volatile and unpredictable nature of sudden misfortune.

Donna recounts, “When I received my breast cancer diagnosis in 2021, it made me think about how I was living my life. I’ve always been pretty fit and healthy, so the news came as a total shock. Was my body out of balance? Was my life reduced to a mere checklist? It was a tough moment that made me question whether I could rise above it. I saw cancer as an uninvited and unwelcome messenger—a dark dweller that I vowed to banish from my body with the support of my loving family, brilliant doctors, and my art. “Why have you come to me, how do I get you to leave?”

In 2021, Donna began writing her upcoming album Rooms With A View, a diary of loss, resilience, and hope which she adds, “is an offering of hope for anyone going through a dark tunnel.” Alongside acclaimed electronic music producer Holmes Ives, the project is an extraordinary diary of raw emotion, stories and memories that shape the myriad of the human experience“The Messenger” is the first single from the album, which is due out next year.

Listen to “The Messenger”