Dora Pereli – “sunday” [Single + Music Video] – FIREROUND: Four Reasons Why

Sometimes life can feel like an endless series of days. Mondays inevitably lead to Tuesdays, as the monotony of the week ushers us into its glorified “end” and through it all, somehow we wind up back at Sunday, ready to do it all again. But occasionally the passing of days feels a bit more significant. During those very special seasons when the days ebb and flow, our daily inertia is disrupted, leading us to those truly remarkable moments in life.

New kid on the block, Dora Pereli attests to this phenomenon in her debut single, “sunday.” A simple but sweet tune chronicling her whimsical descent into love in perfect indie pop fashion. Today marks the release of the visual companion for the single and we’re thrilled to share four reasons why we are feeling Dora Pereli’s “sunday” (Single + Music Video).

1. Pereli’s silky tone and relaxed vocals, inviting the listener in with warmth and ease while she shares her tell tale story of romance.

2. How the flowing live instrumentation perfectly counters the rhythmic buoyancy present in the track. The bouncing, computerized beat, juxtaposed with the languid piano line, creates both an intriguing and sonically satisfying experience for the listener.

3. The series of quirky scenarios played out in the music video, directed by Colin Shepard. From a fancy tea party to nature hangs in a creek, Shepard utilizes seven different scenarios to represent the seven days of the week. While the seven scenes play out around her, Pereli croons directly to the camera, breaking the fourth wall and engaging with her viewers directly. We’d like to specifically note our FOUR favorite shots at 0:28, 0:37, 0:49, & 1:06 (hats off to you Mr. Shepard on your impeccable eye for stills. Print me out one to hang on my wall, pretty pls?).

4. The optimistic but realistic sentiment of the song. Though still hopeful in the face of love, Pereli gives an honest representation of healthy romance, one that isn’t all self consuming and grows with time.

Check out the video below!

Jessica Thomas