Elliot Lee shares important new music video and single “Easy To Be You”

Alt pop sensation Elliot Lee has returned with a poignant new slow burning single. Called “Easy To Be You”, the track follows the nu-disco inspired single “Fun” shared last month. 

“Easy To Be You” is a song all about Elliot’s struggle with self image and identity expression as a queer person. They confide, “It’s meant to encapsulate the (sometimes self-imposed) ebb and flow of femininity and masculinity that many of us experience and also to portray the frustration that comes with seeing other people seem to fit so easily and comfortably into those categories.”  An important and relatable narrative for many, “Easy To Be You” is dedicated to the  LGBTQIA+ community and those who feel different from societal norms. The song enthralls with emotive piano chords and a climatic impassioned chorus. Elliot is seen in the music video sitting on their own in a dark room singing cathartically into the camera. At the end a stunning scene of rain and colored lights envelop Elliot for a transformative video mirroring the song’s important subject. 

Elliot Lee has made a name for themselves with their dark pop anthems and invigorating live show. Their fervent fanbase has coined themselves the “bubblegum army”. “Easy To Be You” is out now via Photo Finish Records. 

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