Elliot Lee shares their riveting new single + visuals “54321”

Photo Finish Records artist Elliot Lee returns with an explosive dark pop single “54321”. The song profiles those times when you figure out someone is lying and the consequences and changes that occur in the relationship as a result. Elliot confides, “When their lies keep piling up, it can get to the point where there’s no way to distinguish what’s true anymore. Your realities become separate, with one of you living in the real world and the other living in a fake world spun out of lies. There’s no reconciling once it gets to that point.” 

“54321” begins with whirling synths soon culminating into Elliot’s warm confident vocals singing soaring melodies. The anthemic chorus features an array of unique layered vocals further giving the song a strong impactful emotive hit to the listener. Dark pop guitar riffs thrill against 

New York born and bred Elliot Lee began releasing music in 2018. Their colorful aesthetic and unique sonic palette impresses audiences around the world. Elliot Lee writes about so many important topics including mental health struggles and LGBTQ+ experiences. “54321” follows the infectious track “Mess Boy”.

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