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Elliot Lee unleashes fierce new single “Mess Boy”

Riveting dark pop meets electronic artist Elliot Lee has just unveiled their latest single. Entitled “Mess Boy” the track is about “standing up and saying you really messed me up, and I’m not going to stay quiet about it anymore, to all of the men in my life who hurt me even though I trusted them not to. It’s as much a promise to myself as it is a warning that I’m not gonna let it happen again,” confides the artist. Elliot has an uncanny ability to write autobiographical songs that highlight important messages such as mental health awareness and the struggles that LGBTQ+ people often face and “Mess Boy” is no exception.

Sonically, “Mess Boy” thrills with fast paced vocal rhythms, colliding synth fueled soundscapes and a soaring melodic attention-grabbing chorus. Elliot’s unique explosion of sound is fierce, provocative and thrilling.