Elyse Jewel shares indie pop gem “TBH IDK”

Dallas based teen songwriting sensation Elyse Jewel has just shared her new enchanting single. Called “TBH IDK”, the track showcases her signature warm vocals ebbing and flowing into delectable and attention-grabbing melodies. “TBH IDK” can best be described as a pop rock tune that oozes confidence and relatability. Thematically, the song details Elyse Jewel’s own story of a bad relationship and the immature breakup that followed. She confides, “The chorus and the title of the song were inspired by his response when I asked what our relationship was to him. He actually said “tbh idk”, and ghosted me.” 

 In addition to creating memorable and confessional music, the songwriter is an advocate for teen mental health awareness often using her platform for these important conversations. Her raw and witty lyrics coupled with a keen performance ability, makes Elyse Jewel an artist to watch. 

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