Emma Oliver – i’m sorry, i miss you

Quick off the heels of her successful breakout single, “Sad Sometimes” viral TikTok star Emma Oliver is back with her next hit “i’m sorry, i miss you”. Her successful continuation of emotionally danceable hits introduces a story about a kiss and the aftermath of looming thoughts and self-questioning. Produced by beloved duo ‘loyalties’, the instrumental perfectly embodies Emma’s raw emotion by setting a scene that makes the listener feel like they’re physically witnessing the events unfold. 

Lyrically, we begin with a kiss, which gradually fades into Emma’s questioning of its true intent and if the kiss was even meant for her in the first place.

I think we can all relate to the feelings of doubt and self questioning, especially in a time with so much uncertainty that has undeniably taken a hit on all of our self assurance about life, expectations, and self worth. This is a really relatable song sung by a unique voice that hits all the right emotions over a danceable beat, and shows that even the funniest people have a dark side, too. 

On TikTok, Emma creates objectively hilarious content comparing herself to cartoon characters and rating the taste of chick-fil-a sauce on ridiculous food pairings. Then musically, we see an entirely new side of Emma that comes layered in emotional depth and longing for things like love and happiness. In “i’m sorry, i miss you”, she offers an introspective push and pull with her thoughts, emotions and hopes for affection, validation and maybe…just maybe…one more kiss.

Chandler Juliet