EMMI – Need You So

EMMI’s new video is special! “You’ve got a soul that I could mate with.” Amazing lyricism!

The video is a recreation of an idea Emmi conceived and filmed in her bedroom three years ago while she recorded the track.

“I recorded and produced this one myself. This is an acapella cover of the original song I wrote a few years back with LA dude ‘Caleb Stone’. I’d love to release the produced version some day on my album, but this is an indie teaser and I loved making it. It’s a sort of anthem for the human condition… the need to love and to be loved. And when I say love I mean that kind of soul mate love that you can find as much in a friend or companion as you can a lover. It’s about needing someone to coexist with. To suck at life with.”

 “I see your heart and it’s peeking from underneath you sleeve and it reminds me of the heart that I wear on me… It’s kinda broken, but it’s open, and it’s selling love for free…looks good to me.”

Jonny Stemp