Emmit Fenn & Vic Mensa – Pouring Rain (Music Video)

Emmit Fenn has just released an incredible new video for his recently released song, “Pouring Rain (feat. Vic Mensa)”.

Starting with Emmit playing a soft piano, Vic Mensa dives into a gripping story told with an intensity that intricately contrasts the calmness of the piano. A light beat comes in that smoothly grooves along as Vic’s verses flow with tight rhymes and vivid descriptions.

Emmit’s voice joins in for the chorus, crooning & emotive with an R&B feel. The chorus connects the verses; two separate stories of a kid & his father.

There’s an emotional twist in the story that’s underscored by the sudden introduction of orchestral strings and it’s a powerful moment.

The accompanying music video follows the story Vic Mensa developed in his verses.

The cinematography is striking and the imagery is unflinching, as it depicts a tale, line-for-line, of a fatherless kid initiated into a gang, his drug-addicted war-veteran absentee-father, and a coincidental encounter that concludes in an accidental patricide.

The lyrics end at their meeting, but the music video takes it a step further, providing a heartbreaking conclusion to both of their stories.

“Pouring Rain (feat. Vic Mensa)” highlights Emmit Fenn & Vic Mensa’s masterful ability to tell a compelling story while perfectly blending their individual styles; likewise, the video (directed by Bobby Hanaford) really shows the ways a music video can expand on a song’s story. It’s an incredible collaboration around a heartbreaking story.

Nathan Irving
Nathan Irving (aka Nate Flaks) is a writer for WFNM & 1/2 of the electronic indie-pop duo Sleeping Lion.