[EP] Lido & J’von – Spacesuit

Lido is back and this time it’s with an unexpected twist. “Spacesuit” is a hip-hop/rap EP that just dropped that centering around the immensely talented new artist, J’von. “Spacesuit” is a journey of an EP- authentic in its writing/recording and masterful in its production.

The EP starts with “Sneakerhead” which builds from a simple guitar & piano part that underscores J’von’s straightforward & heartfelt verse. The track grows from there, getting funky as Towkio & Lido sing over the groove. It’s a powerful start that sets the tone of the record and establishes its themes of frustration & resignation.

Next up is “Westin” which immediately starts with sound design that could only come from Lido- a pulsing synth, vocoders, and light percussion which sets the vibe perfectly. “Westin” is an emotionally poignant track and puts into words the disappointment of giving a relationship all you have only to see it end too early.

“Wood Floors” grows from that idea, but feels more up beat with a rapid & clever verse from J’von. Mulherin features on the chorus & these twins blend their harmonies so smoothly. The track drops out halfway through the second verse and you can really hear talent & complexity of J’von’s writing. The chorus is incredibly catchy and empowering in how the twins sing the hook.

Next comes “People” which is impossible to not dance to. The production is so smooth & funky on this and the horns set the tone perfectly. Mayor Hawthorne gets everybody hyped up in the chorus & I hope everyone gets the opportunity dance to this while it’s blasting in a club.

“Highly Overdue” keeps the groove consistent with an almost Muzak-esque E-piano holding the track down. J’von comes in strong setting up the scene with tight rhymes & clever descriptions. J’von has a way of rapping quickly in a way that never interrupts the smoothness of the overall vibe of the track. He keeps everything moving and strings lines together brilliantly while maintaining an intense calmness. By the time the horns come in with Lido singing “I think I’m finally over you” you’re already vibing to the smoothness of this track.

“Stay With Me” is home to the last J’von verses on the EP and he delivers them with a profound authenticity. J’von turns phrases brilliantly (like “she packed the bag while I was at work/how does that work?”) and the love story that this EP rests on develops through this song. There’s one line in this song that cuts so deep with its concision & relatability and it’s my favorite line on the whole EP: “I had issues/She had options”

The EP concludes with “Time and Space” which is a short outro, sung by Lido, and it’s painfully powerful in its simplicity. Just Lido & a piano (much like “You Lost Your Keys” on his previous album, “Everything”), this song is introspective and resigned. Lido sings that the eponymous “spacesuit” is the only way to get to the place where everything will be better, but Lido/J’von/everyone “can’t afford a suit like that”.

It’s a simple conclusion to an incredible EP & I’m looking forward to hearing future tracks from J’von (& future collaborations with Lido). Likewise, this EP also builds excitement around Lido’s upcoming album. I stand by this- “Spacesuit” is required listening for any fan of good hip-hop/rap/production & you’re gonna want to say you listened to J’von before this record blew up!

Nathan Irving
Nathan Irving (aka Nate Flaks) is a writer for WFNM & 1/2 of the electronic indie-pop duo Sleeping Lion.