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Whats up guys! Win & Woo here from Chicago, apparently what was once the windy city has become the rainy city (Seattle we’re coming for you). Anyways we teamed up with our LA bro’s over at WFNM to bring you this mini mix. So much good music has come out this summer so it was like a real challenge to pick our favorites to feature in only 30 minutes. It’s like speed dating at a Victoria Secret fashion show, LIKE HOLD ON A MINUTE. What a beautiful nightmare :P. But anyways we kick it off with our newest remix of Aer’s single “I Can’t Help It”. We got the opportunity from them a couple weeks ago and were super stoked about it since we’ve been listening to them since literally pledging in the frat basement. We squeezed in some of these new (to us) artists that we had just discovered like Tontario and Young Franco as well as some homie tunes like Gianni Kostas remix of Raindrops. So we hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to listen to the end, we maybe added a banger throwback jam for these summer nights. ONE LUV

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