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Fake Dad share important EP Yerba Mala 

Los Angeles based bedroom synth pop duo Fake Dad has just released their EP Yerba Mala. The five song EP is a diverse sonic masterpiece detailing various themes including singer’s Andrea de Varona’s nuanced relationship with a first-gen Latinx identity, battling mental health issues, and dealing with love and loss in young adulthood.

The EP begins with the electro synth pop banger “So Dramatic!”, a catchy bilingual tune all about being super extra and melodramatic. The song is the prefect anthem for your theatrical friends or even your own dramatic moments. Then there is “Souvenir Store”, an expansive indie pop reviere filled with layers of blissful synths, emotive guitars and sweeping awe-inspiring melodies. The track details the difficult battle with anxiety and depression many of us face in life.

“FASHION GIRL” is an upbeat single reminiscent of early Le Tigre. Highlighting pulsating synthesizers and ferocious melodies, the single details the dangerous side of body dysmorphia that often accompanies the fashion industry. While with “I Like The Beach”, Fake Dad slows it down musically with moody soundscapes and hypnotic rhythms. Andrea sings expressive vocals all about a seductive intoxication. Finally the EP concludes with the soulful bedroom pop ear worm “Momento”. Another bilingual jam, the track immerses the listener into the joy and bliss of living in the moment and celebrating all the good things life has to offer.

Fake Dad’s EP Yerba Mala is a must listen to sonic whirlwind and musical immersion.