FINKEL – f e e l a l r i g h t

FINKEL, the Los Angeles-based electronic soul/pop duo started off 2019 with ‘u & I’ featuring M.SORD. The good news is, the duo didn’t let fans wait for long with yet another treat – ‘f e e l a l r i g h t’.

Catchy, quirky sound fused with synthesizer creates an impeccable electro-pop track that gives you a new perspective of FINKEL’s very own world.

A few words from FINKEL for ‘f e e l a l r i g h t’:

“What the hell matters? How do you prioritize your time and sift through the daily catalogue of menial tasks and distractions? For us, this track embodies these internal battles that we face. Often times we arrive at the conclusion that community / human relationships are what need to be prioritized over everything else. If we can focus our efforts on engaging with the people that love and support us, everything else will fall into place, and we’ll feel alright.” – Jane & Brian Spencer

Vivienne Do