COTIS – “Reasons” – FIRE ROUND: Four Reasons Why

Fresh off his sophomore release, Patience, COTIS strikes again with introspective single “Reasons.” Returning with primary collaborator, Martin Wave and introducing JP Clark (of 7715) into the mix, the trio explore some of COTIS’ darkest struggles and the seemingly endless “reasons” why.

We have a few “reasons” of our own… here’s four on why we are feeling COTIS’ “Reasons.”

1. The seamless juxtaposition of moods. A reoccurring stylistic choice in COTIS’ growing catalogue, he relents in the chorus “Get me out of my mind / Carry me away / Too many reasons why I could never stay / Lately I’ve been lost, Hollywood estray / Too many reasons why I could never stay,” yet his backing track is far from morose. Though veering on the darker side of sonic spectrum, the melody feels sweetly tragic while the beat, provocative and intricately rhythmic. The result? A tear and dance inducing bop, all in one paradoxical little package.

2. COTIS’ stream of consciousness style of writing and painfully honest lyricism. As he moves from line to line, the listener is able to hear his thought progression, from grandiose to self deprecating, COTIS openly grapples with the piques and valleys of the human condition.

3. COTIS’ addictive vocal tone, which has left us smitten since he made his Los Angeles debut with We Found New Music on Sept. 18, 2018. #tbt

4. The production genius of Martin Wave. Crisp and clean while mirroring the the pull and tug of COTIS’ emotional state. From bombastic hits in the chorus to the dreamy electronic guitar line which persists throughout the track, Wave blends the best elements of rhythmic hip hop with dreamily smooth R&B.

That’s it for now, but keep on your toes ladies & gents, rumor has it there’s much more new COTIS right around the corner…

Jessica Thomas