Half Wolf – “My Stranger” – FIRE ROUND: Four Reasons Why

Hannah Westerholm, more popularly known as Half Wolf, tugs at our heart strings once again with the release of her most recent and fourth single to date, “My Stranger.” An honest and personal account, representing a page each of us likely possesses in our own stories, we are proud to share four reasons why we are feeling “My Stranger.”

1. First and foremost, Westerholm’s incredible vulnerability and uniqueness of tone, featuring that to die for vibrato.

2. A refreshingly different perspective on love that wasn’t meant to last a life time, and the humbling acknowledgement that the quantity of time spent together does not depreciate the value of the connection.

3. Those luscious folk and blues undertones, paying homage to two genres that are arguably closest to our American roots, while adding a healthy dose of modern lyricism and sonorities.

4. That very special (and my personal favorite) melody in the pre-chorus, as Westerholm sings “Concrete cracks / You were makin’ me laugh / I wasn’t prepared to meet your stare,” which leads into the gratifyingly grandiose chorus. As she ascends gracefully into an anthemic catharsis, she declares “I’ll be okay if I’m just your stranger from last night / I’ll be okay if we just get to dance together one time / I’ll be okay my stranger.”

Take a listen to “My Stranger” below & fingers crossed for more heartfelt & thought provoking tunes from Half Wolf in the near future.

Jessica Thomas