REI AMI – “Dictator” – FIRE ROUND: Four Reasons Why

From growing up on exclusively worship music to expanding with a healthy diet of Destiny’s Child, A$AP Rocky, Lauryn Hill & KPOP, enticing new kid on the block REI AMI stuns with third single to date, “DICTATOR,” landing a coveted position of #5 on Spotify’s New Music Friday while unapollegtically demanding respect & inspiring some fiery feels. So without further ado, a Fire Round of 4 reasons why we are feeling REI AMI’s “DICTATOR.

1. Lines like “”I am not your queen, I’m your dictator / Bend the fucking knee, yeah bitch that was an order” which personify REI AMI’s boss lady attitude & inspires feminist pride in us all.

2. The wailing punk rock-inspired guitar line that drives the beat and adds splashes of electrifying color throughout the track.

3.The switch at 1:22– with a sudden gush of crazed laughter, we land into a chilled, atmospheric R&B groove showcasing REI AMI’s angelic vocals.

4. The shades of the human experience exemplified, from top of the world to bottom of the heap, REI AMI vulnerably relents “Cold, why you gotta treat me so cold? / You say you love me but I don’t know, don’t know / You got me wishing I was dead / Cuz you’re a meaniehead.”

That’s all folks, be on the lookout for more REI AMI in near future! 😉 “

Jessica Thomas