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Rett Madison – “Pin-Up Daddy” – FIRE ROUND: Four Reasons Why

Folk-pop songbird Rett Madison explores her gender fluidity with introspective grace in newest single “Pin-Up Daddy.” Written by Madison herself and co-produced with Theo Katzman (of Vulfpeck), the song also features Brian Jones (of Vampire Weekend) and Lee Pardini (of Dawes) on the bass & Wrulitzer. A real tear-jerker with a healthy dose of self-love and a glimmer of hope, we are beyond thrilled to share with you four reasons why we are feeling Rett Madison’s “Pin-Up Daddy.”

1. Madison’s incredible honesty & impeccable articulation in professing her sentiment, especially in setting up her story for her listeners— i.e. my personal favorite “Twisting both my ankles just to lose the beauty contest / Mama never said I was second best / She loved a tom boy in a sequenced dress.”

2. That ridiculously endearing West-Virginian twang and the intimate, folk-country vibe of the track.

3. Her pristine vocal tone, focused, effervescent, & dancing gracefully atop the soft acoustic accompaniment.

4. Her inspirational courage in not only recognizing her own gender fluidity but having the willingness to share her experiences with the world– showing support for others who feel similarly and doing her part in normalizing the fluidity of the gender spectrum.

“Pin-Up Daddy” marks Rett Madison’s first release off her upcoming album due 2020 but in the meantime, check out her WFNM live session with below!