flawed mangoes feat. Will Jay – Fatal Flaw

When you pop on “Fatal Flaw” by flawed mangoes feat. Will Jay, you immediately find yourself in an audial vibe of a retro video game (which I have been playing way too much of during quarantine), that tells a compelling and relatable story that floats effortlessly over impressively-unique production in an oversaturated bedroom producer era.

This self-reflective track is about feeling like you are terrible at maintaining friendships with people. The social pressure of being torn between not wanting to seem needy and wanting to stay connected with people you care about. Lo’s crafty beats and production paired with Jay’s beautiful vocal melodies truly captures these powerful emotions.

Newcomer flawed mangoes pushes himself to experiment with his sound whenever he acquires new instruments or hardware. He’s had the pleasure of working with talented vocalists on his first three singles thus far and believes that working with other talented artists pushes his work to the next level.

“Fatal Flaw” is especially relevant to the recent climate given many people are still quarantining at home due to COVID-19, struggling with loneliness, and figuring out how to maintain their relationships on the digital plane.

I love this unique production that really goes somewhere you wouldn’t expect: and always a stan of silky vocals courtesy of Will Jay.

Here’s what the two collaborators had to say about this relevant, crafty work:

“I hope this song can put into words the social pressure that people feel a lot but don’t like to talk about, make people feel less uncomfortable feeling that way.”

-flawed mangoes

“‘Fatal Flaw’ is a song for anyone who wants to be left alone but doesn’t want to be lonely.”

-Will Jay

Check out the lyric video for “Fatal Flaw” below:

So excited to discover flawed mangoes and find dope, unique music during this very strange year. It’s the little things, you know?

Chandler Juliet