Jack Powers

Jack Powers ‘Forever’ Stunning

I know you
Damn it it’s better
We can find the sonic lightwave
Ride it forever
I found you

Surrounded by an audience of tradition and religion, a half-naked and blue-haired provocateur of the same alien race as Ziggy Stardust dances seductively in front of a webcam evoking early 2000s UI design trends.

What’s this all about? Who’s this sinewy performer? Why is he so good at this electro-dance business?

Jack Powers is a Pop-Performance Artiste out of NYC who built up his transgressive fame in the underground dance clubs from the very same city that somehow still pulses through the euro-inspired beats of his music. His unique, high-concept looks and electrifying onstage performances quickly earned him a name as a queer artist to experience and witness.

Powers is a poet and a musician, sure, but his strong performative streak comes from his classical training in dance, while his unique visual richness must probably be derived from his fashion design background. He honed his skills at LaGuardia High School, Central Saint Martins, and Paris’ über-chic Manko Cabaret.

Directed by Spencer Clark, the music video features Powers in an atavistic webcam show feeding into self-voyeuristic expressions of self-love and self-discovery. Dancing in ritualistic freedom, Powers dances and seduces himself under his own watchful eye, until a climactic moment of recognition and self-embrace finally occurs. This song was released ahead of Powers’ highly-anticipated EP release.

Words such as “Provocative”, “shocking” and “Boundary-Breaking” buzz around his every release like bees around a flower at the apex of its bloom. A testament to these adjectives is the fact that he’s been featured alongside Madonna herself on a recent PAPER magazine cover.

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