frogi – till I turn blue – FIRE ROUND: Four Reasons Why

Musical enchantress frogi graces fans with first single of the decade “til I turn blue.” A bedroom pop ballad featuring hauntingly-sweet melodies over a flowing piano accompaniment, frogi sings of love through an honest lens. That of recognizing what often surrounds our deepest affections can become complicated, but the love itself is simple.

In the spirit of our unwavering love for frogi, we are pleased to share four reasons why we are feeling “till I turn blue.”

1. Frogi’s continual curiosity with sound. This time incorporating found sounds in nature, from chirping bird to rustling wind, by setting a breezy, relaxed mood, she allows the listener to settle in and invest freely in the story she prepares to tell.

2. The overall nostalgic, yet timeless feeling of the song. Inspired by classic ballads of the ‘60s combined with the alchemic properties of the likes of Bon Iver, the result is a sonic time capsule washed with glimmers of the future.

3. The layered harmonies and vocal arrangement in the chorus. As the luscious accompaniment flowers, the harmonies create a bed of sparkling sound, beckoning the listener to lay down.

4. Speaking of vocal arrangements… this one’s not specifically related to the single but we’d like to take a moment to say “thank you” to dear frogi. As a female producer, she is well aquatinted with the great disparity between men and women in music. Since the release of her freshman EP ‘introvert,’ she has begun an all-female creative collective who call themselves “frogi friends.” The friends rehearse vocal arrangements of frogi’s original songs and perform them with her at live shows.

The goal of the group is to provide a strong community for women in the entertainment industry. Frogi hopes that by establishing a safe space for women to share and create, a culture of artists supporting artists will emerge. You can learn more about the frogi friends and their individual creative pursuits on her Instagram HERE. Thank you frogi, we commend you.

Jessica Thomas