frogi – time [PREMIERE]

Enchanting songstress frogi has released her second single to date, “time” (July 12). A simple but powerful track that brilliantly utilizes the innately magical elements of the human voice, frogi paints a moment in time, rich with vulnerability and intention. A woman of many talents, frogi both wrote and produced “time,” showcasing her idiosyncratic approach to left-leaning, electro-pop while reminding her listeners of the power of refreshingly real and organic sounds.

All recorded in a moment of heartbreak through the mic on her laptop, the vocals you hear today on “time” are the same vocals from that very moment. In her own words,

“I wrote ‘time’ in the bedroom of my apartment when I was really heartbroken. My boyfriend and I were split up at the time. He was struggling with depression and I was doing my best to help him, even if that meant being apart. I had this feeling that we would come together again in time, and this was my letter to him in song form… it was a moment in time where I was extremely vulnerable and I respect that I was brave enough to make it. I recorded it all on my laptop mic because it felt like it was flowing out of me and I didn’t want to inhibit that by going to record it in the studio. I ended up keeping those original vocals in the song because to me it’s the closest I could get to that original emotion I was feeling.”

Only about 20-seconds in, one quickly comes to realize how sonically special “time” truly is. frogi’s overlapping harmonies with her trademark silvery vocals and pulsating production ushers you into a world that is all her own. A sort of meditative mantra, repeatedly reminding the listener that things will come and go in “time,” frogi creates a glistening texture and whirlpool of emotions that are guaranteed to transport you to another dimension.

Jessica Thomas