frogi – waiting (i’m not ok) – FIRE ROUND: Four Reasons Why

The frogi queen returns with new, upbeat indie-pop bop, “waiting (i’m not ok).” Sugary-sweet and undeniably infectious, we’re pumped to share four reasons why we are feeling “waiting (i’m not ok)!”

1. The joyous nature of the instrumentation combined with the nerve-wracking sentiment of waiting for someone you love to reciprocate feelings. Perfectly interpreting those adrenaline-pumped moments of racing thoughts and sweaty palms, frogi has given us the ideal soundtrack to dance away our anxiety and apprehension.

2. The surplus of fun vocal inflections such as the rolled “praahs,” “ta tas,” & “okay okay okays,” resulting in a quirky shift of the sonic plane, keeping our ears keen and entertained.

3. The colloquial language utilized in the lyrics. Lines such as “Remember you told me a long time ago / That we would get married / Shit you never know” and “Maybe it’s karma or fuck it, it’s fate” makes the song feel like a casual conversation between frogi friends.

4. The notion of self-acceptance which proudly rings throughout the track, reminding us that it’s okay to not be okay. In her own words, “It’s about admitting our aloneness and anxiety, and in turn, becoming friends with it and laughing with it. Sometimes you’ve just got to accept that you’re scared and try to make peace with it.”

Listen to “waiting (i’m not okay)” below!

Jessica Thomas