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Geneva and Basi Azul Join Forces to Release a Sultry Ode to Recklessness and Romance

The truth is that I was about to fall asleep when “Down Bad” by Geneva feat. Basi Azul came on and although my coffee wasn’t ready yet and it was pouring rain in the street, the sound felt like a necessary bath of energy and freshness for a day that painted gray.

The song is a scintillating musical experience that takes listeners on a ride through the world of temptation and desire. With its sultry and infectious melody, this track is a delightful blend of R&B and hip-hop elements, boasting a refreshing twist on contemporary pop music produced by Toronto funk staple Gil Masuda.

It opens with a clingy hook that sets the tone for the entire track. Geneva‘s vocals are laced with sensuality and a hint of danger as she sings about the thrilling allure of someone who doesn’t play by the rules. The chorus, “Oh you up to no good, you bad, bad, bad” serves as a catchy mantra that’s impossible to forget.

Geneva’s verse in the song is all about succumbing to the heat of the moment. She describes the magnetic pull of an unexpected attraction, where rationality gives way to the desire to embrace the unknown. 

“This song came about very organically; I really like how versatile and unique Basi Azul is as an artist and was excited to collab with him. We actually recorded this originally in April 2022 and shot a video for it last summer; I ended up having to wait to release it as it’s a total summer jam and I didn’t want to mess up the timing. 10 mixes and two masters later, it’s been perfected” she said.

Some sections of the song underscore the idea that this attraction is something worth exploring, even if it defies reason. The desire is so overwhelming that it becomes a fantasy impossible to resist. It’s a celebration of embracing reckless abandon and taking a chance on something new and exciting. The video is all the song needs. A mix of summer, pool, vibrant colors, and innocent but captivating flirtation.

With an expanding repertoire of previous releases spanning multiple genres, including laid-back electronic, house, and alternative R&B, Geneva has challenged conventional boundaries while showcasing her inherent talent for songwriting.

Comparisons have been drawn between her and acclaimed artists such as Alessia Cara, Kali Uchis, LION BABE, and the iconic Sade. Geneva’s velvety, soulful voice, her emotionally charged delivery, and her finely honed songwriting skills put her in the same league as today’s most exciting crossover artists in the realms of pop, electronic, and R&B. 

“Down Bad” is a perfect song for any playlist for those moments when you’re ready to embrace a little recklessness and enjoy the thrill of the unknown, capturing the intoxicating essence of a chance encounter and the tantalizing possibilities that come with it. 



Photo by Felice Trinidad