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georgi kay blood sugar

Georgi Kay is back in the game with ‘Blood Sugar’

Georgi Kay is back in the game with ‘Blood Sugar’

In love with creating and looping electronic beats, bass, synths, and outstanding vocal chops, Georgi Kay has received multiple awards for their original work, songwriting, and collaborations over the years. So far, they’ve won an ARIA award, multiple APRA awards and received a Grammy nomination for the song ‘In My Mind’, made in collaboration with Axwell from Swedish House Mafia. Their voice has featured in numerous DJ sets worldwide with some of the biggest international artists including DJ Tiesto Ed Sheeran and Tash Sultana.

This May 5th, the Australian Indie-Pop artist released ‘Blood Sugar’, in which they practically drip bravery with bold lyrics and an uncompromising -and unrelenting- electronic edge that bleeds a kind of dark, futuristic mood all over some pop foundations. We predict that just as we have, their fanbase -with over 70,000 monthly listeners on Spotify- will enjoy thoroughly.

‘Blood Sugar’, offers the listener a look into a very honest inner dialogue between Georgi and a deeper side of them is laid bare in an almost brutally honest way. It’s deeply intimate and profoundly personal, though there’s no denying that such grueling introspection is in itself a universal appeal, or a point of empathy and sympathy for us to latch on to as we liste.

It bears mentioning that For all of Kay’s uncompromising authenticity and brutal honesty, they never cease to be poetic and elegant. The word to describe it all would be ‘Poignant’

“It’s a fine line to cross
When you’re trying to save yourself” -Georgi Kay

‘Blood Sugar’ is the first track anticipating their upcoming sophomore LP. Georgi had already anticipated that this record -‘Into Oblivion’- would feel more natural, complex, and intricate in its lyrical and overall sound. “So now, I have a record that’s a cocktail of acoustic singer-songwriter, synth wave dark pop, dance, chill lo-fi, love ballads, and more,” says Georgi.

Their lyrics explore experiences with grief, loss, depression, body dysphoria, strangeness, isolation, joy, inner peace, and self-awareness. One of the characteristics of their music is that they pull elements from several musical genres (ambient, pop, deep house, dark electronic) and combine them with their love of sci-fi and dystopian films and video games to create a unique sound that you can hear, see and feel.
They describe their style as “dark, ethereal and cinematographic pop sound” as “the perfect bespoke suit, made for myself and myself alone – a one-of-a-kind amalgamation of my favorite inspirations and influences that lays a trademark to whom I am at my core.”

Both they and their music have gone through many evolutionary cycles as one and the same. From starting out as an acoustic folk singer-songwriter to indie pop singer with a back-up band, to moving overseas and signing with a major record label in London and playing acoustic pop to electronic pop with a band; to leaving that label years later and creating their own, then moving their life over to LA and producing, writing, releasing and playing all their music from their bedroom.

For Georgi, it’s about the journey, not the end destination, so enjoy their new track, and don´t forget the old ones such as ‘Scary People’, ‘Lone Wolf’ or ‘Guilty Pleasures’.