Gia Woods – “Keep On Coming” (Single + Music Video)

Up and coming pop darling, Gia Woods is slanging some very sexy feels in dual single & video release for “Keep On Coming” (April 5). Perfectly capturing the moment when you realize someone new and extra special is being catapulted into your life, we bet even OG star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet are grooving from their shared grave to this banger.

Sonically, the track hosts a series of stand out rhythmic lines & melodies. The explosive percussive phrases are achieved by incorporating a mix of timbres including hand claps, snares, and various drum loops. Woods’ relaxed, sultry vocal soars over a synth bass and plucked melodic phrases. As the pre-chorus descends into the earworm of a hook, don’t be surprised if you’re singing the infectious phrase “Know the night is going, but your body keep on coming, coming” in your sleep … for the rest of your existence.

Visually, the music video is for lack of a better phrase, hot af. Woods welcomes you into her bedroom, drowned in red and pink hues, as she beckons you to join her. Flashes of a sensual dance between partners brings forth the feeling of first-time, overwhelming lust, the very phenomenon which inspired track.

Don’t be shy, take a peek at the video in all its glory below.

Jessica Thomas