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Glassio needs to “Breakaway” with new single

Brooklyn-based dream pop meets electronic singer/songwriter Glassio has just unleashed his latest banger. Entitled “Breakaway”, the song details the feelings of not fitting in and the emotional upheaval that can occur with feeling out of place. The artist confides, “It stems from the perspective of leaving a broken home and turbulent childhood behind through self-reinvention.”

Sonically “Breakaway” is best described as an emotional dance ballad complete with bouncy synths, pulsating warm beats and a melody that sticks in the head. “Breakaway” is off of Glassio’s upcoming full length album See You Shine which is set for release May 18th. The fourteen track album thematically highlights resilience in the face of grief and loss. Glassio is an artist to watch and we can’t wait to hear the rest of See You Shine soon.