GRAACE – Go Have Fun At Your Party

GRAACE is here with her first song of 2019 titled, “Go Have Fun At Your Party”, which the song is exactly what it sounds like from the title. A bitter hearted love song that will hit anyone straight in the feels. GRAACE’S voice is one of the freshest voices I have heard in a while, and although her lyrics are singing about her pain, the way her words flow with the edgy drum beat sounds nearly effortless. The anger in GRAACE’S voice is refreshing to hear when most break-up songs are about being sad, she is obviously bitter and confused when it comes to what she is actually feeling. She may not be able to make up her mind with her battling emotions, but she sure knows how to write a deep cut that will have everyone singing along. GRAACE is just joining the scene in 2019, but I am looking forward to what she comes out with next!

Janie Hammond