Grant Knoche – FIRE ROUND: Four Reasons Why

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You may have heard the voice of Grant Knoche as a child, soaring over the group of kids wailing your favorite ‘00s pop tunes on the multi-platinum selling records, KIDZ BOP. A lead vocalist and touring member of the franchise, Knoche underwent a form of pop boot camp, refining his vocal chops and bolstering his live performance abilities. Catching the music bug young, Knoche’s career did not stop there, instead KIDZ BOP served as a creative catalyst, leading him to dive deeper into the depths of the musical stratosphere.

Eight years later you can find the 17-year-old Knoche on the precipice of his solo career, writing, producing, and performing his own music with an inspirational dedication to creativity. And with that, we are proud to reveal four reasons why we’re feeling Grant Knoche.

1. His incredible departure from the bubblegum land of KIDZ BOP. We all know it, we love it, and we feel a lil’ guilty about our inclination for Splenda sweetened pop music, but what we love even more is creative evolution and personal growth. Though still rooted in pop, Grant’s sound is experimental and intriguing, utilizing the synthesized ebb and flows found in electronic music, while borrowing heavily from R&B vocalization, resulting in a hypnotizing microcosm of sound.

2. Most recent genre-bending singles “DIAL TONE” and “SORRY FOR THE HONESTY.” Both left-leaning bops, these 2019 releases mark a distinct shift in Knoche’s artistic direction. From the array of sonics utilized to the minimalist cover art, we see Knoche’s unique world beginning to form and we’re booking a one-way ticket there NOW.

3. Knoche’s self-taught production chops. With just a swift listen through of his new catalogue, it quickly becomes clear that Knoche has spent hour upon hour in the “cave,” experimenting with sounds, rhythms, and instrumentation. Your hard work has not gone unnoticed and we thank you Grant, sincerely.

4. Last but not least, we could not go without mention of his gorgeous voice. One that most certainly makes you, your mom, and the cherubs in heaven swoon. Knoche’s tone is honeyed, gentle but powerful at the perfect moments.

Be on the look out for more Grant Knoche in the near future & mark your calendars for his We Found New Music performance at Madame Siam on Wed., Feb. 26!

Jessica Thomas