HATE DRUGS – Take a Look Around

Bakersfield band HATE DRUGS has just released this groovy new indie-pop single that gives you all the happy retro feels.

This was the first single I heard by HATE DRUGS but it piqued my interest to dive into their discography and it’s quite refreshing, dreamy, and unique (and addictive) songwriting.

In an attempt to sum up HATE DRUGS: True musicianship in fresh, timeless, indie-pop music with a great message – this one is about putting down the technology and living in the moment: something I think we all could afford to do a bit more of.

Here’s what the lead singer of this promising new act had to say:

“The song is a call to action about living in an age where it’s almost hard to distinguish the artificial from the natural – not because AI has become so good at imitating us, but because we have become in many ways a reflection of them.”

-David Caploe

I’m looking forward to more catchy, insightful jams from HATE DRUGS in the future.

Chandler Juliet