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Hendrix Harris Bends Genres and Redefines the Self in his latest Album, “Awakening”

Forget everything you thought you knew about genre. Hendrix Harris throws wide the musical gates on his latest album, “Awakening,” a genre-smashing odyssey that blends rap, R&B, soul, hip-hop, and pop into a sound as unique as the artist himself. The album has the power of a renewal, a new chapter for both Hendrix and his listeners. Once your eyes are totally open you get to explore new emotions, shapes, and conceptions, and get to question everything you knew before. 

Hendrix Harris, based in London, draws from a rich blend of cultural influences. His British, Jamaican, and French heritage, mixed with a Cuban upbringing, fuels his sound with vibrant energy and makes it simply indefinable. 

Each track is special and impossible to compare with anything within the album. You can go from vast and cold soundscapes that aim right at your heart, or get ready for dancing with seducing beats. The execution of this work is full of layers, evidence of Hendrix Harris’s artistic growth. For him, this album was always about challenging himself, learning, and evolving. He mentions, “With ‘Awakening,’ I learned how to self-reflect, self-doubt, and self-teach. The question is did I learn how to self-love?” 

“Awakening” feels fresh from the beginning to the end. However, some titles stand out effortlessly. That is the case of “The Surge,” which takes us into emotional depths. Hendrix Harris’s emotive vocals are full of regret, echoing the sting of absence. The fusion of hip-hop beats and soulful melodies creates an emotional scenario, a lonely night full of thoughts and regrets.

Another impressive song is “Incentive.” The track reveals the struggles faced by some artists in the music industry. Hendrix Harris meditates on the challenges of the path he has decided to take, embracing the present without leaving worries aside, but beyond the concerns, he refuses to be a casualty and embraces the reasons to keep moving forward in his journey with total conviction. 

As we journey through “Awakening,” we witness an artist unafraid to explore vulnerability, challenge norms, and soar beyond limitations. Hendrix Harris wants to talk directly to our spirits, dance to our unique rhythms, and find liberation in authenticity. He extends a straightforward invitation, “It’s 2 am, have a drink of your choosing, and immerse yourself in my dark but hopeful, disillusioned yet ambitious world. It is a coming-of-age project, and nothing will ever be the same.”