HOAX – Unamerican Dream

New York based indie-pop soul band HOAX has released the second single off their narrative-driven concept album, b?: “Unamerican Dream”, a not often talked about perspective on the immigrant story in America.
Unamerican Dream is a track just as intriguing and fulfilling as its title. HOAX immediately captivates you in this track with its nostalgic bouncy guitars and a seductive drum beat, then the refreshing vocals come in to deliver.

This is the type of song you can jam to in the car or while you’re cleaning the house, but when you start to listen to the lyrics you are quickly reminded that this band is not only prided by their true musicianship, but their depth, perspective and ability to tell a story.

Here’s what the band had to say about Unamerican Dream:

A stipulant of this so-called ‘American Dream’ that our parents sought after is the supposed eventuality of getting what you want if you simply work hard enough, but what lies in the subcontext is everything you must be willing to give up.

Every hour at the office is an hour away from your family and loved ones; if you are working a tedious or mindless job that you are not passionate about for the sake of money, that is taking time away from finding fulfillment in something you might actually care for.

-Michael Raj & Frantz Cesar

HOAX is known for their signature sound of “empathy pop,” yet their music continues to build, develop and reveal more depth and character with each release.

HOAX has an impressive track record, consistently releasing their unique blend of indie-pop and their alternative soul roots, with a message. With over 3 million global streams, and a diverse and empathetic approach to pop music, HOAX is certainly an act to watch.

Keep an eye and an ear out for their upcoming album, b? set for release later this year.

Chandler Juliet