HOAX – Western Medicine

New York-based indie pop HOAX, one of our favorite and only “empathy-pop” bands here at WFNM has just released their new single, “Western Medicine” off their upcoming narrative driven debut and concept album, b? 

This new HOAX release opens with a charming and enticing string section with a cowboy-feel drum beat that rings true to its title “Western Medicine”. This song is probably one of my favorites of HOAX, because of all the strings, the trumpet lines, and all the different instrumental lines coming in and out throughout the track. 

Pain is as natural to humans as air is to breathe, and as beings with natural tendencies to rationalize, we try to make sense of pain through philosophy, religion, and science. This is the message behind “Western Medicine”.

HOAX is an act that is very intentional and conscious with its music and messages, so I always love putting on some of their music because I know I’m not getting fluff. I’m getting pure art and creation. 

Here’s what they had to say about their newest single:

I think humans kind of live through this notion that ‘as long as there is breath, there is hope’. We fixate on this, and spend so much time pondering on the meaning of our meandering existence, only to resort to these proclaimed ‘Western Medicine’ ​that allow our self-formulated expectations to control us and guide our decisions when really, they are just “miracle snake oils” than healthy lifestyles. But I do understand why, I think. Existence is painful, and numbing seems necessary.​”

-Michael Raj

For an act named HOAX, they never fail to deliver songs of substance and sophistication. So excited to watch them continue to evolve and consistently release unique and meaningful pieces of art. 

Chandler Juliet