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HOLYCHILD: Power Play (ft. RAC)

HOLYCHILD, an LA based brat pop duo, is making waves with their socially charged new EP, “America Oil Lamb.” Liz Nistico and Louie Diller are using the growing fanbase of indie pop to speak out against social injustice and they are partnering with some other really great artists, like Kate Nash and Mereki, to help spread the word.

“Power Play” ft. RAC is the second song on “America Oil Lamb.” The song starts off with a building intro to the first verse and with so many textures, it is reminiscent of an alien/space film from the 80’s. The layered synths and instrumentals back off a bit during the verses allowing Liz Nistico’s vocals to take center stage and the message of the song to break through. The beat builds back up again under the chorus and continues this way through the bridge.

“Life is more than social posting” is quite possibly my favorite line from the song and a perfect statement to our times. People are often more concerned with what hashtag to align with than actually making change themselves. There are more and more reports of inequality and injustice in this world. Women have yet to receive equal pay and in some states, their bodies are regulated more heavily than those purchasing heavy weaponry. The LGBTQ community is slowly receiving basic freedoms that should be easily available to all. Our political system is run by the top 1% and despite working well for them, what about the rest of us? And yes, #blacklivesmatter. But I digress… “Power Play” seems to be an ode to feminism and “America Oil Lamb,” in totality is a great example of how to use a stage as a platform for social change.

“Power Play’s” music video compliments the upbeat song with a fantastic, muted color palette and slightly provocative imagery. It leaves you wanting to see and hear more from this group. Check out the video on Youtube and listen to the “Power Play (ft. RAC)” on Soundcloud! Let’s support these artists for standing up for the social injustice!

P.S.: HOLYCHILD will be playing a tour up and down the California coast and over to the east this August and September. The schedule is available on the HOLYCHILD website.